Order volume available up to 4 million tests per month, 48 million annually, 30 days lead time.


The SPERA COVID-19 Ag Test

Fast. Reliable. Effective.

FDA EUA-Authorized, Xtrava Health’s SPERA™ COVID-19 Ag Test is a rapid lateral flow immunoassay detecting antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in shallow nasal samples authorized for use at the point of care. 

No training is required and users can expect sample collection to results within 15 minutes or less.



More accurate than most rapid tests currently on the market, the SPERA™ COVID-19 Ag Test provides 92% sensitivity and 97% specificity.


The SPERA™ COVID-19 Ag Test is top-ranked for its ease-of-use. 

The test is authorized for use in group settings such as schools, nursing homes, workplaces as well as doctor’s offices.



Multiple tests can be run in parallel without operating any complex and slow instruments.  


Children over 14 and adults can easily and accurately use the kit for self-testing. Children 2-14 may be tested by a parent.


Accurate and accessible testing. So we can get back to life’s simple pleasures.